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RAM Mount RAM Screen Disable System

RAM Mount RAM Screen Disable System

RAM Mount RAM Screen Disable System

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RAM Laptop Screen Disabler™

Increase the safety, productivity and effectiveness of your mobile workforce with the Laptop Screen Disabler from RAM Mounting Systems. The Laptop Screen Disabler is designed to completely eliminate the threat of distracted driving associated with viewing or using any mobile computer while that vehicle is in motion. Using a motion sensor, the Laptop Screen Disabler automatically disables the laptop screen while the vehicle is in motion. The unique design prevents the user from circumventing the system making it the ideal solution for fleet applications. For all of your fleet needs, count on RAM to offer the most innovative and cost effective solutions in the industry.


  • Eliminates: Driver Distractions for companies that have mobile users using any type of computer in a vehicle.
  • Reduces: Personal injury to employees, vehicle damage to company equipment, collateral damage and the costs associated.
  • Helps: Fleet managers and safety personnel comply with federal and state laws that have outlawed electronic messaging by the driver of a moving vehicle.
  • Maximizes: Productivity for mobile computer users by letting them focus on driving.


  • Simple USB connection eliminates the need for expensive vehicle on board computer wiring.
  • Motion sensor does not use expensive GPS antennas that can be circumvented.
  • Allows use of the laptop outside of the vehicle.
  • One single setting works for your entire fleet.
  • Easy to push to multiple laptops via SMS or other software management applications.


  • Standard USB Dongle
  • Dimensions: 1.5" x .8"
  • Sensor: Proprietary Motion Sensor
  • 5' and 1' USB Cable, Cable Ties, Velcro and Cable Clips Included
  • Compatible with Win XP, Vista and Windows 7

Package Contents:

  • 1 ea Laptop Screen Disabler USB Dongle
  • 1 ea Installation CD with Detailed Instructions
  • 1 ea 1' Cable that Travels with the Laptop
  • 1 ea 5' Remote Cable for In Vehicle Installation
  • 1 ea USB Dongle Bracket
  • 2 ea Velcro Dots for Temporarily Securing the Dongle to the Laptop Lid
  • 2 ea Self Adhesive Clips for Cable Management
  • 2 cable Ties for Cable Management