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NavPod GP1170 SailPod Uncut f/9.5" Pedestal Guards

NavPod GP1170 SailPod Uncut f/9.5

NavPod GP1170 SailPod Uncut f/9.5

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PART #:GP1170
Description:Uncut (usable face = 20"w x 9.875"h)
W x H x D:N/A

NavPod Protects Your Electronics In Harsh Conditions

Un-Cut NavPods are for you to choose your own layout or for mounting electronics that NavPod doesn't provide a Pre-Cut for. The face of the NavPod can easily be cut with a "Rotozip". It's a small handheld router style cutter that shreds the material while cutting. This eliminates any melting of the plastic material. It is also important to note that when selecting a possible Un-cut NavPod, the depth measurement stated in the chart is overall outside measurement. Actual internal clearance can be reduced by curvature from the design or molded indents for the mounting system. This can reduce the overall and needs to be considered when making a determination of actual available depth clearance.

Watertight Silicone Seal
Keeps rain and salt water spray off electrical connections on the back of electronics

Special fasteners and wrench are included that provide security and convenience to leave electronics on-board

Concealed Wiring
No loose wires are exposed to corrosion and UV damage

Clean Installation
The clean look of flush mounting. Mount your display where you can best see and reach it.

Pre-Cut Models
Come with a Flush Mount Kit, which includes the specific gasket and mounting hardware for your electronics if not supplied by manufacturer with unit.


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