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KVH Affordable Gyro-Stabalized Digital Compass

KVH Affordable Gyro-Stabalized Digital Compass

KVH Affordable Gyro-Stabalized Digital Compass

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The affordable gyro-stabilized digital compass

The KVH GyroTrac is the economical gyro system that fits as easily on your vessel as it does in your budget. GyroTrac combines two leading-edge concepts: the digital magnetic compass pioneered by KVH and a unique, three-axis gyro sensor. This unparalleled combination offers the drift-free precision and versatility of digital compass technology with the accuracy of gyro-stabilization, all for less than 25 percent of the cost of traditional gyros. And with the systems fully configurable data outputs, you can provide stabilized heading data to virtually all other onboard equipment. With GyroTrac, staying on course has never been easier!

  • Offers superb gyro performance at 1/4 the cost of a mechanical gyro, with the added reliability of no moving parts
  • Intelligent auto-calibration and compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy at all times (better than 1° accuracy)
  • Compatible with NMEA, Furuno®, Sine/Cosine, B&G, and Cetrek™ outputs, allowing GyroTrac to supply stabilized heading data to nearly any onboard system
  • Provides true or magnetic north (true north display requires GPS input or manual entry of local variation)
  • User-friendly, menu-driven operation, with an LCD user interface and an array of optional displays