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Charles DC EMI Supressor - 12/24V

Charles DC EMI Supressor - 12/24V

Charles DC EMI Supressor - 12/24V

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Today boaters are offered a wide variety of onboard electronics and electrical products for their vessels. Many of these products are adversely affected by spikes or surges of voltage. On land we protect valuable electronics such as computers with surge protectors. Charles has designed surge protection devices specifically for onboard marine use. These products protect the AC and DC systems. A third protection device protects against EMI interference.

  • Utilize Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology
  • Low impedance construction
  • Thermal and short circuit fusing for safety
  • Corrosion-resistant, aluminum housing
  • Solid-state diagnostics
  • Ignition protected

    In some cases, the hydraulic solenoid controlled pump utilized in trim tabs can create DC transients. To protect equipment from these transients, Charles has designed the EMI Suppressor.