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Bennett DVD - Exploring Under Sail Vol 1

Bennett DVD - Exploring Under Sail Vol 1

Bennett DVD - Exploring Under Sail Vol 1

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DVD Exploring Under Sail Volume 1

Hit by a Hurricane

Voyage down the Inland Waterway from Lake Ontario to Florida. The cruise quickly turns into a heart-pounding adventure as you run for shelter from an approaching hurricane. En route, assist in the rescue of a sinking trimaran and later survive a direct hit from the hurricane while other boats are destroyed. A unique look at a hurricane - the most powerful force in nature.

Reef sharks of the Bahamas

Explore the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, explore a remote blue hole, sail to an island populated only by giant iguanas, and meet a woman raising her family on her own desert island. Investigate the reef life in these enchanted isles, swim with a group of large eagle rays and dive in the middle of a school of more than a dozen large grey tip reef sharks.

47 mins.