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Bennett DVD - Trolling & Advanced Trolling f/Saltwater Fish - 2 Programs

Bennett DVD - Trolling & Advanced Trolling f/Saltwater Fish - 2 Programs

Bennett DVD - Trolling & Advanced Trolling f/Saltwater Fish - 2 Programs

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Trolling & Advanced Trolling For Saltwater Fish
Contains 2 Programs

Teaches: Boat Handling, Slow Trolling, Outrigger Release Mechanisms. Lure Selection, Rigging, Tackle, Hooks, Gaffs. Fish Tagging, Rip Lines, Reel Drags & Bait & More!

An excellent program for those desiring to learn the most successful methods and techniques used in the basics of trolling and advanced trolling, for the more popular species of saltwater fish. This DVD provides interactive menus that allow you to quickly and easily review chapters of your choice and allow you to go to a specific application lesson, time and time again. The first program provides boat handling tactics, setting down-riggers, the best baits, pinpointing choice water conditions, running surface lines, hooks, rigging, gaffs, tackle, trolling equipment and tips on catching everything from Bonita to Blue Marlin. Get to the next level of proficiency in trolling and learn the advanced methods needed to become truly proficient and successful. With tips and information from experienced captains and anglers this program teaches outrigger release mechanisms, slow trolling methods, setting reel drags (star level & spinning), hook setting techniques, (live bait, dead bait, artificial lures), fish tagging procedures, using teasers, how to follow bottom contours and locating rip lines. An indispensable tool for the series fisherman! Step-by-step lessons include: Trolling For Saltwater Fish: Small & Medium Boats, Lures, Electronics, Outriggers, Downriggers, Dasy Chains, Navigating to Waypoints, Reef Fishing Action, Large Boats, Tease & Switch, Custom Boat Features. Advanced Trolling For Saltwater Fish: Introduction, Slow Trolling Live Bait, Setting Lever Drags, Setting the Hook with Live Bait (Marlin & Sailfish), Using the Plotter to find The Fish, Setting the Hook with Live Tuna (Marlin). Fishing with James Marsh Promo.

92 min.