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Bennett DVD - Tearing The Engine Down - Diesel

Bennett DVD - Tearing The Engine Down - Diesel

Bennett DVD - Tearing The Engine Down - Diesel

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Tearing The Engine Down - Diesel
76 Minutes

Presented by Tom Cunliffe, yachting journalist, sailing teacher and 35-year boating veteran. If you are an average do-it yourselfer who is handy with tools you can save thousands with this guide to repairing your diesel engine. The first step in rebuilding is a complete teardown to inspect all the parts. It's a long process but easier than you think. Using clear demonstrations and close up instruction, you'll watch a complete strip down of a typical marine diesel.

Filmed in real time and clearly explained this program follows each stage of the process in a step-by-step format teaching the novice and experienced alike to achieve professional results. Watch over the shoulder of marine professional Tom Cunliffe and learn the internal and external components of your engine while saving a sizeable chunk of your boating budget on repairs you can do yourself. As an added bonus a marine diesel is essentially the same as land automotive diesels except for cooling systems. This program is a great guide to tearing down ANY diesel engine, truck, auto or heavy equipment.