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Nexus NX2 Analog Steer Pilot Instrument w/0.4M Cable

Nexus NX2 Analog Steer Pilot Instrument w/0.4M Cable

Nexus NX2 Analog Steer Pilot Instrument w/0.4M Cable

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NX2 Steer Pilot

This is our most interesting and effective analogue instrument, drawing information form the electric compass, water-speed sensor and the GPS to create one single piece of critical data represented by the needle. The Steer Pilot enables the helmsman to steer to an exact course using updated steering information refreshed 5 times every second by the NX2 server. The instrument needle instantly indicates the smallest deviation from the intended course or preferred wind angle. The Steer Pilot can also guide the helmsman to steer by the needle using the data from a Polar Diagram as reference. On a downwind course, the Steer Pilot enables the helmman to steer the optimum course for the best VMG.

With a steering wheel, imagine that the instrument needle isconnected by an invisible wire to the center of your wheel. When the deviation appears, just turn the wheel as if it was connected to the needle, back to a straight up position, it's that easy! With a tiller, imagine that the end of the tiller is "fixed" at the tip of the needle and that you can pull the needle back to its straight up position by "dragging" it there, it just works! After a few minutes training you will be able to steer your boat in a stright line without even thinking.

You can select your steering reference from several options:
  • Compass steering (up to 2 course memories)
  • Apparent wind angle to follow wind shifts
  • Waypoint steering (BTW) without compensation for drift.
  • Course to steer (CTS). Same as BTW but including compensation for Drift