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Nexus NX2 Multi Control Instrument & Server

Nexus NX2 Multi Control Instrument & Server

Nexus NX2 Multi Control Instrument & Server

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NX2 Multi Control w/Server

The most flexible of the NX2 instruments, the Multi Control can display all the data sent out on the network and can even function as a remote control for the other instruments. The NX2 Multi Control is powerful yet simple, with remote control functionality for accessing regularly required information and enabling the set-up of all the other instruments on the network. The NX2 Multi Control also allows access to the advanced navigation and performance functions that relate to the unique configuration of an individual boat.

Whether the information is to be displayed on a regular NX2 instrument or a Multi XL display, it can be accessed effortlessly day or night with breathtaking ease - but the really smart part is the amount of information that can be accessed and viewed at any one time.

All digital NX2 instruments are manufactured with silver back display, which provides extremely high contrast while high quality back lighting can be set at three levels of illumination.