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Nexus NXR XL30 Instrument w/3M Cable

Nexus NXR XL30 Instrument w/3M Cable

Nexus NXR XL30 Instrument w/3M Cable

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The NXR large digit display is the mast instrument designed by Nexus specifically for the NXR instrumentation system. The result of a long process of customer consultation the XL30 features 63.5 mm (2.5 inch) digits, which have been proven as the ideal size for large racing yachts. Their first class readability is further enhanced by their crisp presentation. Fully programmable from the navigation workstation, the XLR displays incorporate a host of new features designed to maximize its utility to the Grand Prix racing crew. The stylish and rugged display is nitrogen filled and fully waterproof, capable of withstanding extended, open ocean conditions. Despite its size it weighs just 750 g.

  • Enclosure: IPX7
  • Power supply: 12V vDC
  • Current consumption: 8mA -25mA
  • Inverted LCD with high light output makes the display easy to read at night without any risk of loss of night sight
  • Choice of red or green background light separates instruments and allows crew to differentiate key datasets
  • Option of two colours for frames - graphite grey and light grey - allows owner to select a colour scheme that best suits the boats overall design
  • Easy-to-read lead text ensures that viewers recognize which function is displayed, avoiding potentially costly mistakesMultilanguage options for lead text