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Aquabotix AquaLens Pro w/25' Cable

Aquabotix AquaLens Pro w/25' Cable

Aquabotix AquaLens Pro w/25' Cable

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AquaLens Pro with 25' Cable

Live Video Ready For The Most Challenging Situations
The AquaLens Professional is a underwater viewing system that is strong enough to stand up to harsh conditions. With a kevlar reinforced cable and waterproof monitor, you will be able to see what is happening in the water below you up to 300 feet deep.

The complete system includes a color video camera, LED lighting, pole attacher, a waterproof topside box/LCD monitor combination, rechargeable battery power supply and charger.

Rugged & Dependable
The AquaLens Pro has been designed to take a daily beating in the field. The topside box/LCD monitor combination is waterproof and impact resistant. The rechargeable battery pack ensures that your viewing system is fully charged and is ready for action. The cable's 300# breaking strength guarantees that you can comfortably reach the depth you need.

Quick & Easy To Employ
The AquaLens Pro is ready for the water in under 30 seconds. One person can operate the unit using any pole giving them complete control to view exactly what is underwater.

Save Time & Money
Why waste time and money to hire a diver when something under the water goes wrong? With this underwater viewing system, you can instantly inspect, evaluate and anticipate future problems you or your customers may encounter.

Stay Safe
Some waters can be unpleasant and even dangerous. Perform real time inspections and searches without having to send a person into unknown water.

  • Water Management - Simple inspections of potable water tanks can be performed using the AquaLens Professional's live video feed. Only 5 inches in diameter, it fits through small access points where divers generally can not reach. You'll be able to inspect for leaks, corrosion, sediment levels and general condition of the tank. The kevlar reinforced cable permits you to go to depths up to 300 ft., accommodating even the largest tanks.
  • Marina - Designed for daily use, the AquaLens Pro is an essential tool for any marina. Determine the necessary service needs of your customers quickly. Show them the maintenance required on their boat using the included LCD screen. After you have demonstrated the necessary repairs, use the AquaLens Pro to ensure proper strap placement during haul out.
  • Search & Recovery - Don't waste time or risk lives. AquaLens Pro can be deployed in 30 seconds or less, providing rescuers with immediate live video feed of what is directly below the waters surface. The waterproof topside box combination allows the operator to not worry about the unit falling in the water during a rescue.

  • Diameter - 5"
  • Weight - 3 lbs
  • Color - Lime Green
  • Depth (Cable Dependent) - up to 300'
  • Cable - 25', Kevlar Reinforced, 300# Breaking Strength
  • Cable Extensions - Available in 50' Increments (Optional)
  • Operating Voltage - 9.6 to 12VDC
  • Battery Run Time - 8 hours (Standard) Charger Included
  • Topside Box - Waterproof and Floats
  • Monitor - 3.5" LCD Screen in Topside Box
  • Camera - Total Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
  • LED Lighting - Included
  • Boat Hook Angular Adapter - Included