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Shakespeare SeaWatch® 3020 14" Marine TV Antenna - 12V - DC Only

Shakespeare SeaWatch® 3020 14

Shakespeare SeaWatch® 3020 14

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SeaWatch® 3020 14" Marine TV Antenna - 12V - DC Only

The friendly, durable Marine TV antenna with a versatile swivel mount

The Shakespeare SeaWatch® Style 3020 Marine TV Antenna has a sleek design that features a UV stable, plastic housing with a high gloss finish. Its innovative new mount swivelsto accommodate mounting surfaces that slope up to 30 degrees. It also mounts easily on anystandard 1" - 14 thread antenna mount. How's that for versatile?

The antenna's digital preamplifier, tucked away in the antenna head, has a great new design forhigh gain and low noise figures. Brilliant.

HD Ready
Simply connect the antenna to any TV that has a digital receiver. With older analog TVs, connect a digital converter box (not supplied).

The Style 3020's wall-mounted 12 vdc power supply has outputs on both front and rear. For cable,satellite, and playback devices, its Auxiliary Input automatically switches from Antenna Input toAuxiliary Input when power is toggled off.

The SeaWatch® 3020 even cozily hides its coax, which be concealed by running it through themounting base.

  • 360 degree signal reception - no aiming
  • Compact, attractive aerodynamic design
  • Mounting bracket allows for 0-30 degree slope
  • Also mounts to 1" - 14 thread devices
  • Operates on 12 volts DC
  • Power supply can be wall or surface mounted
  • Durable UV-stable plastic housing
  • Automatically switches to Aux when powered off