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Majestic 26" Ultra Slim LED TV 12V w/USB

Majestic 26

Majestic 26

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26" LED TV w/USB 12V

26" LED TV that works on 12V. The LED260U LED TV is designed for those that want a serious size screen with all the features and functions. It is designed to run on 12V and therefore can provide entertainment almost anywhere with it's very slim case and stylish finish it makes any vehicle look great.

The Majestic LED260U 12V LED TV has been specifically engineered with using the latest technology to handle the marine and RV environment. With over 10 years experience in developing energy efficient entertainment products the LED260U was designed with power consumption as the primary factor. This unit draws 4.2 Amps @ 12V or 50W of energy while watching TV. Comparing this to an ordinary 100W light bulb you can operate 2 Majestic TV's for the same amount of energy and that's why Majestic is a global leader in the 12 Volt entertainment industry. Majestic has ensured to keep all the common inputs that are needed for a mobile environment. Updated features like USB, 2x HDMI, VGA, Component and Composite you will never be short on inputs to be able to connect to the TV.

The USB input is so you can simply plug in your portable hard drive with all your music and Photos (it will not playback Movies) and does not have PVR Functions.

The physical design of the LED260U is to be able to withstand the harsh Outback and tough Marine environment. Weighing only 6.3Kgs with a 100x100mm Vesa hole spacing this TV can be mounted in various different locations using any of the Majestic brackets, such as the LA7C. The TV can be installed almost anywhere and with the wide viewing angles you will always see the perfect picture.

Majestic products are designed and developed in Australia and exported globally, with over 10 years experience Majestic stands by the quality you get with a full 3 year product worldwide warranty.

Accessories Supplied
12V Cigarette Power Cable 1M, Remote, Instruction Manual, 240V power Pack
Aspect Ratio
Glossy Black
Current Draw @ 12V
4.2 Amps
Dimensions HxWxD No Stand
660Wmm x 430Hmm x 50Dmm
Dimensions HxWxD With Stand
660Wmm x 490Hmm x 200Dmm
Headphone Output
1x 3.5mm Audio
Input Component
1x Red, Green, Blue RCA
Input Composite
1x Video RCA
Input HDMI
Input USB
1x Music and Photos Only
Input VGA
1x VGA 15 Pin D
Refresh Rate
Screen Size (Diagonal)
Vesa Size
Viewing Angle
170Deg Horizontal 120Deg Vertical
Voltage Range
9.6V to 18V DC
Watts Used @ 12Volts
43 Watts @ 12V