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Wave WiFi Access System f/Larger Vessels w/Access Point & 100' LMR 400

Wave WiFi Access System f/Larger Vessels w/Access Point & 100' LMR 400

Wave WiFi Access System f/Larger Vessels w/Access Point & 100' LMR 400

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EC-AP-X-100 w/ 100' LMR 400 antenna cable

For the larger vessels requiring an extended antenna cable run, Wave WiFi offers the EC-X models. The X models are designed for extended antenna cable runs of up to 100 feet.

Wave WiFi's EC-AP-X utilizes an in-line amplifier located at the base of the antenna to produce the highest allowable output power of 1 Watt.The EC-AP-X models provide long-range connections and the maximum receive sensitivity from a good quality HotSpots.

All X units ship with the latest firmware version of Wave WiFi's proprietary web-based interface.

EC-AP-X models support WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption and have a unique, built-in 'help' system, free online firmware upgrades and free online global weather forecasting from iMap Weather.

The EC-AP-X is an Ethernet Converter (EC) so a direct connection can be made to any Ethernet enabled device resulting in flawless performance as a standalone system or integrated into the boat's network. Also there is no software to install, no USB restrictions and no power-robbing USB connections. This means better performance for plug-and-play computer accessories like SKYPE phones and webcams.

The EC-AP-X models feature a built-in access point allowing you to create your own access point (HotSpot) aboard your boat. With the EC-AP-X multiple computers aboard the boat can connect to the access point wirelessly.

EC-AP-X Features include:
  • 1 Watt (+30dBm) output power
  • Easy to use web-based Wave WiFi Interface
  • FREE Online Firmware Upgrades
  • FREE iMap Global Weather
  • 2.4 GHz - 8dB - 48" Comrod omni-directional Antenna
  • 25-foot LMR-400 antenna cable
  • DC power cable (12 volts)
  • 25-foot Ethernet cable
  • Up to 12-mile range from a quality HotSpot
  • Instructional CD and Quick Start Guide
  • AP Output (EC-AP-X) - 200mW (+24dBm)
  • One year written limited warranty