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Bennett DVD - Boaters Guide to Radar, GPS & Fuel Economy

Bennett DVD - Boaters Guide to Radar, GPS & Fuel Economy

Bennett DVD - Boaters Guide to Radar, GPS & Fuel Economy

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140 mins.

Includes: Boaters Guide to Using Marine Radar, Fuel Economy & Boaters Guide to GPS

Valuable set for all boaters! Learn how radar can assist you on the water and how to use it as an aid to safe navigation & collision avoidance. Plus if you want to learn HOW TO reduce the costs of boat operation & improve your boats fuel economy, this is just what you need! Offers tips for conserving fuel along with fuel saving suggestions for re-powering boats. By following a few simple steps and procedures, boaters can lower their vessel fuel costs without drastically changing day to day operations and boating activities. Discover the many ways GPS can assist on the water and just how easy it can be to take full advantage of this advanced technology. Learn the various ways your boat's position can be marked and saved, how remote locations can be entered as waypoints, how routes can be formed and saved using waypoints.

  • Principles of Radar
  • What Radar - Can Do For You
  • Radar Picture & Marks (Range, bearing, AIS, ARPA)
  • Interpreting the Display
  • Engine & Hull Maintenance
  • Propellers & Navigation
  • Boat Operation & Fuel Saving Options
  • What GPS can do
  • Position Format
  • Maps & Charts
  • Speed & Course
  • Saving Waypoints
  • Forming Routes
  • Recording & Following Tracks