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VOscope SoundStik Utrasonic Leak Detector

VOscope SoundStik Utrasonic Leak Detector

VOscope SoundStik Utrasonic Leak Detector

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All moving parts, gases, and liquids produce a broad range of sounds because of friction with their surroundings. The SoundStik is designed to listen to a non audible unique range of Ultra Sounds which are extremely useful in the Automotive Industrial & Service Trades. Ultrasound technology allows smart, cost effective preventative maintenance and quick findings of potential or existing problems in major areas:

  • Air/Vacuum Leaks
  • Electrical Noise
  • Friction Wear
  • Seal/Fit Integrity
  • Fluid Turbulence

  • Unaffected by Wind and Surrounding Noises
  • Ruggedized Handheld Portable unit
  • Simple to Use - Listen Directly to the Problem

    Technical Specifications:
    • Dimensions: Width 2-½", Depth 1", Length: 5-¼"
    • Weight: 1 Ibs.
    • Housing: Chemical and oil resistant
    • Battery Life: Approx. 15 hrs.
    • Power Requirement: Standard 9V
    • Power Consumption: 30mA, typical
    • Frequency Response: 40kHz Centered
    • Circuitry: Solid State
    • Headphone: High Fidelity
    • Headphone Connector: 3.5m phone plug
    • Operating temp. range: 10 to +60 degrees Celsius

    The SS-1000 kits contains:
    • SoundStik receiver
    • SoniPod transmitter
    • Contact rod
    • Extension tube
    • High fidelity headphones
    • Carry case