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Wild River ROGUE Tackle Bag w/Stereo Speakers w/o Trays
Price: $164.22 
Retail Price : $199.00
You Save 17%
Wild River Small Utility Tray
Price: $10.23 
Wild River Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP - Lighted Backpack w/ USB Charging System w/2 PT3600 Trays
Price: $178.49 
Retail Price : $219.99
You Save 19%
Wild River Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP - Lighted Backpack w/USB Charging System w/o Trays
Price: $166.82 
Retail Price : $209.99
You Save 21%
Wild River Tackle Tek™ Nomad XP™ Lighted Backpack w/USB Charging System, SP01 Solar Kit & Trays
Price: $199.79 
Retail Price : $264.98
You Save 25%
Wild River Tackle Tek™ Solar Panel Charger
Price: $40.57 
Retail Price : $44.99
You Save 10%
Wild River Umbrella Rig Carrier
Price: $23.49 
Wild River Umbrella Rig Cover
Price: $11.79 
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