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ePal Cartograpy

Get the newest maps for your device!

After you've purchased your Garmin or Humminbird GPS system, you'll need to make sure it has the latest cartographic information based on satellite imagery. Unfortunately, many boat owners will purchase a GPS unit without upgrading the software and maps so that they can take advantage of aerial photography, in-depth chart plotting capabilities and other features that are typically included in after-market cartography packages.

By investing in upgraded cartography software you'll have a navigation system that integrates with your existing Lowrance, Raymarine or Garmin marine GPS chartplotter. In addition to showing you the typical bird's eye view of your location, you'll also be able to receive high definition imagery of the ports and destinations that you'll be visiting.

You'll also get more information about obstacles and potential hazards that could effect your voyage. A typical GPS system may not show you data about low bridges and objects that are near the surface of the water. A cartography system such as BlueChart g2 Vision from Garmin will generate a path to your destination based on the size of your boat.

These systems can also be synced with your existing weather and radar systems so that you can get a comprehensive picture of your surroundings day or night, making your trips safer and more enjoyable.

Marine GPS devices are a bit complicated, and choosing the cartographic system for your boat involves analyzing your particular needs and budget. If you're unsure about which system you want to go with, feel free to give ePal a call today at (877) 245-8649 to speak with one of our marine electronics experts.

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