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Be Safe On The Water!

Here at ePal, we understand that nothing is a higher priority when you are docked or out on the water than safety. This is why we take this category very seriously. Whether you're out in the open ocean on a multi-week journey or simply on your local lake for a few hours of fun with the family, we've got everything you need to keep you and your passengers safe. Just as it's imperative to follow the Coast Guard's safety recommendations, like wearing life jackets at all times, utilizing lights when boating at night and staying aware of your surroundings and stormy weather, you've got to have the right safety gear aboard your vessel to protect yourself.

ePal carries only the best brands like Mustange us a call and talk to a representative, or live chat with us right now, about whether it is the best match for your unique boating situation. We value your safety above all else at eP Survival, ACR, Stearns and Onyx Outdoor, and we've got all manner of boat accessories to ensure that you can sail the seven seas safely, all at affordable prices. Our marine supplies in this category include flotation devices, safety lights, emergency weather radios, medical kits, life rafts, personal locator beacons and much, much more. 

Our sales team is trained to help you make sure that you and your family are safe, so if you have any questions about a product on our website, gival, so don't be shy!

Don't forget, unlike the other guys, we offer free shipping to the lower 48 states on just about every item we sell, bringing you even more savings while protecting your family the next time you're out on the water. Browse our selection of high-quality marine accessories below to find what your family needs!

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