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ePal Closeout Specials!

Frequently, ePal finds itself with overstock and end-of-season items that just need to go so that we can make room for newer products that are in season. Here you'll find great items at even better prices, sometimes as high as 80 percent off.

Now we know what you're thinking: It's just another bargain bin, like you see at every store. These products are all junk and ePal is just trying to get rid of them because no customers wanted to purchase low-quality equipment, right?

While that may be true some stores, with ePal it's a different story! You'll find some fantastic deals in our closeout section on perfectly good marine electronics and supplies that we just don't have any room for in our warehouse. Whether you're a commercial fisherman, boating professional or just a hobbyist looking for a good marine GPS unit for your skiff, you're almost guaranteed to find something that you need for your vessel in our closeout section.

Perhaps the best part about our closeout specials is that they're not limited to any particular product category. You can find GPS receivers, marine radios, ropes and sheets for sailboats, lights, XM Radio units, fishfinders and more! Almost any boat parts that we normally carry in other sections of our store can be found as a closeout item.

Not everyone needs the newest or flashiest Garmin, Lowrance or Raymarine equipment for their boat. Sometimes they just want a product that is reliable and, most importantly, inexpensive. At ePal's closeout section, these shoppers are almost certainly going to find something that meets their needs and price range. As an added bonus, most of the items you see in this area qualify for free shipping to the lower 48 states.

If you have any questions about this section or the boat accessories we sell, feel free to contact ePal today by calling (877) 245-8649.

Category Items
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Motorola T9680RSAME 22 Channel 28 Mile Two-Way Weather Radio
Price: $63.15 
Retail Price : $79.99
You Save 21%
Motorola Talkabout MS355R 22 Channel 35 Mile Realtree Two-Way Radios
Price: $88.79 
Retail Price : $109.99
You Save 19%
Mustang Chest & Crotch Strap Assembly
Price: $38.49 
Retail Price : $56.42
You Save 32%
Mustang Ice Commander Rescue Suit
Price: $680.99 
Retail Price : $1,213.29
You Save 44%
NavPod GP131 InstrumentPod Precut f/3 Raymarine ST60s f/9.5
Price: $230.33 
Retail Price : $329.99
You Save 30%
Nexus NXR Analog AWA Wind Instrument
Price: $549.99 
Nexus NXR Analog Speed Trim Instrument
Price: $247.95 
Nexus NXR Analog Steer Pilot Instrument
Price: $325.80 
Nexus NXR Analog TWA Wind Instrument
Price: $247.95 
Nexus NXR Atlantic Pack
Price: $5,499.99 
Nexus NXR Multi Control Instrument w/3M Cable - Standard LCD Display
Price: $899.99 
Nexus NXR Pacific Pack
Price: $5,999.99 
Nexus NXR XL20 Instrument w/3M Cable
Price: $1,299.99 
Nexus NXR XL30 Instrument w/3M Cable
Price: $1,650.99 
OceanLED 2010 Thru Hull Underwater Light - Sea Green
Price: $532.95 
Retail Price : $1,749.00
You Save 70%
OceanLED 3010XFM HD LED's w/Linear Optics - Midnight Blue
Price: $1,371.39 
Retail Price : $2,999.00
You Save 54%
OceanLED A12 Amphibian Surface Mount Underwater Light - Ultra White
Price: $216.93 
Retail Price : $879.00
You Save 75%
OceanLED A12 Amphibian Surface Mount Underwater Light - Warm White
Price: $268.44 
Retail Price : $879.00
You Save 69%
OceanLED Amphibian A12 Pro Underwater Lighting - Ultra White
Price: $455.49 
Retail Price : $899.00
You Save 49%
Ongaro Deluxe Ultra Blade - 16
Price: $15.47 
Retail Price : $20.45
You Save 24%
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