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Category Items
Furuno AIR-033-073 Adapter Cable, 10-Pin Transducer to 8-Pin Sounder
Price: $55.75 
Furuno AIR-033-203 Transducer Extension Cable
Price: $71.20 
Furuno AIR-033-204 Adapter Cable
Price: $59.20 
Furuno AIR-033-226 Standard Fairing Block
Price: $76.20 
Furuno AIR-033-333 Transducer Pigtail
Price: $45.40 
Furuno AIR-033-351 Standard Fairing Block
Price: $32.80 
Furuno AIR-033-352 High Speed Fairing Block
Price: $76.20 
Furuno AIR-033-357 High Speed Fairing Block
Price: $201.60 
Retail Price : $225.00
You Save 10%
Furuno AIR-033-391 High Speed Fairing Block
Price: $223.00 
Retail Price : $250.00
You Save 11%
Furuno AIR-033-407 NavNet Y-Cable
Price: $84.64 
Furuno AIR-033-476 High-Speed Fairing Block
Price: $55.00 
Furuno CAMS-20 20 ft. Transducer Extension Cable f/ FCV667
Price: $72.27 
Furuno Transducer Matching Box w/10 Pin Connector
Price: $281.20 
Retail Price : $350.00
You Save 20%