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Improve Your Catch With Electronic Fish Finders

It's tempting, when you're searching for a new fishfinder, to think that you can get by with a monochrome display instead of spending more money for a color screen with better resolution. For years, fisherman have relied on monochrome and it's done the job just fine: Schools of fish are displayed clearly and they usually have an adequate range and level of detail.

But if you're a commercial boater, you need more than an "adequate" fishfinder. Average mariners will go with the bear minimum in terms of fishfinder features, but if you want to perform better than your competitors, a color fishfinder is the tool you need. These displays will typically come with the ability to display thousands of colors, which allows them to show you more information about surface as well as surrounding objects.

On a monochrome display, it may be more difficult to tell if something that shows up is a school of small fish or a group of larger fish that you may actually want to pursue. You can also tell the difference between weeds, rocks, sand and other objects that are beneath the surface.

Color fishfinders will also give you more detailed information about water temperature, depth and currents. Depending on the system you have, you can also combine it with your GPS, radar and transducer devices to have a comprehensive picture of your boat's surroundings.

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