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Marine Autopilots

When you're out on the open ocean, you don't want to spend the whole time at the helm of your boat. Piloting a ship entails many responsibilities besides making sure you've remained on your heading, which is why so many captains have made autopilot systems one of their most important marine instruments. These boat accessories allow you to leave the steering wheel to attend to other tasks, with the confidence of knowing that you'll still reach your destination on schedule.

Marine autopilot systems consist of three main components:

  • Heading Sensor: This is connected to a compass and keeps track of your ship's direction.
  • Course Computer: The central processing unit of your autopilot, this device collects heading sensor data and plots your course.
  • Drive Unit: Taking directions from the course computer, the drive unit is connected to your rudder and pilots the vessel.

Whether you're piloting a commercial marine vehicle and managing the crew, or you're taking your yacht out for a cruise and want to enjoy the scenery, autopilot systems are practically a necessity. Incorporating the latest GPS technology, as well as sensors and hardware that can detect changing ocean and weather changes at sea, your autopilot can safely guide you to your next port of call and adjust your heading to accommodate for higher windspeeds and swells.

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